We recycle your sunscreens.


Recycling made simple.

In France, 74% of plastic waste is never recycled, mainly because it doesn't end up in the right place. It's true that with the different sorting instructions, even with the best intentions, it can be a bit confusing. We want to improve what can be improved, and that's why in 2023 we are launching our major program, Recycle Your Suncreen.

Our idea is simple. We collect all the sunscreens you no longer use, regardless of the brand. We sort them and ensure their proper recycling through a privileged partner in the southwest of France: Reviplast. As a thank you, we offer you a 15% discount voucher valid on our entire website.

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 Recycle your sunscreen // Recycle your sunscreen // Recycle your sunscreen //   Recycle your sunscreen // Recycle your sunscreen // Recycle your sunscreen //  Recycle your sunscreen // Recycle your sunscreen // Recycle your sunscreen //

Since we need to change sunscreen every year, let's ensure that the products we no longer use are properly recycled and can be revalued.

How ?


Gather all the sun care products you no longer use this year.


Email us at jetrie@mimitika.com to receive a free shipping voucher.


Drop off your package at the post office for us to sort and recycle them.


You will receive a code by email to get a 15% discount on our website.

How do we ensure the recycling of your products ?

In France, the recycling rate for plastic packaging is only 25 to 30%. Even by throwing your bottle into the recycling bin, there is no guarantee that it will ultimately be properly recycled. Often, the sorting facility where the bottle ends up simply doesn't have the capability to recycle the specific type of plastic involved. The product is then buried underground.

For our program, we have found a preferred partner, Reviplast, a French plastic recycling plant. By partnering with them, we guarantee that every bottle received will be recycled. With Reviplast, we will sort the bottles according to materials, separate the components, and recycle on-site whatever can be recycled. Plastics that cannot be recycled on-site will be sent in "big bags" to other recycling plants.

By doing so, we hope to prevent millions of bottles from ending up buried underground this year.


Can all Mimitika products be returned?

Yes, absolutely. Our program focuses on sun care products from all brands in the market, which already covers a wide range. However, we won't neglect our other products such as scrub, self-tanning face creams, self-tanning foam, prep and prolong tan enhancing lotion, and solar food supplements. They will all be recycled together with their counterparts.

We even collect the glass bottles from our serums for recycling.

Why did we choose to work with Reviplast, and what makes it different from other organizations?

Reviplast is a private player in recycling that allows us to monitor the recycling of our products in real-time. It guarantees the recycling of 98% of the incoming material (compared to the national average of 30%). Moreover, as a specialist in plastic waste recycling, Reviplast processes a wide variety of materials, including those considered "non-recyclable" such as PS, ABS, SAN, POM, and more.

Can you provide us with specific examples of the uses of our packs after recycling?

Reviplast will package plastic pellets in big bags to resell them to companies in the construction industry. Our products can be used to create urban furniture, playgrounds, irrigation pipes, and many other objects.

Today, which plastics can we actually recycle in France?

There are seven major families of different plastics: PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, PC, or PLA. Out of these seven types of plastics, only three are recycled on a larger scale: PET, HDPE, and PP. However, it doesn't end there. If PET plastics are opaque, they are not yet recyclable in France.

Additionally, when it comes to recycling a cosmetic product, it's not just about the bottle. Pumps that contain metal components are not recyclable and need to be separated from the bottle.

What happens to plastics that are not recyclable ?

Unfortunately, today, when there are no recycling infrastructure available for a specific type of plastic or if the bottle doesn't end up in the right facility, it is crushed and buried underground.

Why not make reusable packaging ?

We dream of it too! Unfortunately, due to hygiene and consumer safety reasons, we need to ensure perfect cleaning of the bottles used. Unlike other cosmetic products (such as shower gel), we cannot afford to have a mixture between the existing formula and the refill. Currently, the technology for perfectly cleaning plastic bottles does not exist, but we are actively working on it with a partner.