Where can I find your products near me ?

Hey, we've thought of everything, including a page to find the nearest Mimitika retail locations to you. Check it out here !

Where are your products manufactured ?

At Mimitika, all our products are manufactured in France. From beginning to end.

We develop each product internally, from Bordeaux, in partnership with laboratories located in France.

Each formula is then tested and approved by independent French laboratories. Once these steps are completed, we launch production, always in France, with our partner factories selected based on their expertise (oil textures, milk textures, travel sizes, lip balm sticks, etc.).

Producing in France allows us to have close proximity to our partners and build long-term relationships with each supplier.

It also helps us reduce our carbon footprint and avoid high transportation costs, allowing us to offer controlled (France excels in product controls) and high-quality products at affordable prices. Sun protection should not be a luxury, and using good cosmetic products should not come at the expense of the planet.

Are your products vegan ?

Yes, all of them! And they are even cruelty-free, in accordance with European regulations. A vegan cosmetic is a product

that excludes any animal-derived or animal-produced ingredients in its formulation (such as beeswax, honey, milk proteins...).

A cruelty-free product is not tested on animals, regardless of the region in the world.

How are your products tested ?

For each product, we rely on independent French laboratories to conduct all regulatory tests (and even more) on our products to ensure their effectiveness and safety. Just because we have a light-hearted tone doesn't mean we don't take things seriously!

I purchased a Mimitika product in-store and would like to return it, what should I do ?

We are not responsible for the stock of our products at our partner retailers, which is why we invite you to directly contact the store where you purchased your Mimitika products.

Are your products natural ?

All our products (except sunscreens) contain more than 90% natural origin ingredients. We formulate our products to be effective and pleasant by using as many natural ingredients as possible. We exclude all controversial substances.

As for our sunscreens, we have chosen to predominantly use organic sun filters to ensure maximum application comfort and zero white residue. However, our sunscreen formulas are also enriched with numerous natural ingredients known for their virtues, such as banana extract in our Sun Milks and virgin hibiscus oil in our Sun Oils.

I have a question regarding delivery !

We answer all your questions regarding delivery here!

Are the packaging of your products made from recycled and recyclable materials ?

All packaging/bottles of our products are recyclable. We are currently developing packaging made from recycled materials. It takes time to select the right supplier that meets our desired standards for appearance and durability. But the good news is that it's coming soon!

We hope that all our products will be in recycled and recyclable packaging by 2023.

I want to be part of the Mimitika team, how exactly do I go about it?

It's easy! You send us your best CV and write us a little poem that proves your motivation to join us. All of this by email to hello@mimitika.com, and we'll see what we can do ;)

What sunscreen is right for me ?

Indeed, SPF50 is ideal for intense sun exposure and/or very fair skin. SPF30 is suitable for slightly darker skin tones and/or skin that has already been exposed to the sun, or for use in less intense sunlight (with lower UV index). However, we always recommend applying SPF50 to the face, regardless of the exposure level or skin type.